"Obesity is beyond what we put in our mouths. At its core it is what we feed our minds and our spirit. If we teach our girls to feed themselves mentally and spiritually then the outside will begin to take shape!" -Donna Perry


Vision Statement

To create a safe place where plus girls of color feel bold, comfortable, empowered and important in their obesity journey.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Courageously Curvy Girls Foundation is to combat childhood obesity in girls of color from under served communities by empowering them through health and wellness, physical fitness, scholastic improvement, community service and advocacy.

Meet Our Founder

Donna Baugham-Perry

Founder, Executive Director

Some people talk about what needs to be done, and then some people actually do them. The latter can be said for Donna Baugham-Perry, who at four years old discovered her passion for singing and community service. Today, Donna is a budding community activist and fearless advocate for showing plus size women and girls that, “no matter your size, believe that you can do anything.” However, it wasn’t long ago that Donna battled with childhood obesity as a girl in Bed Stuy, New York.


Determined to make positive changes in her own life and community after a 168 pound weight loss she prayed and founded the grassroots not-for-profit organization, Courageously Curvy Girls Foundation . As executive director of this rapidly growing movement, Donna is committed to providing awareness to what it’s like to be an overweight girl of color within the nation’s urban metropolis of New York City. The organization ensures that their goals of providing minority girls with the resources to living healthy lifestyles while setting realistic weight loss goals is met through in-house activities such as the I Want To LIVE Walking/Mentoring Program, which promotes physical activity and wellness workshops over a course of 8-16 week intervals.


“I wanted to be able to not only share my story with young girls in my community that struggle with weight, but I also wanted to provide them with a program that allows them to see themselves in a positive light while dispelling societal myths.”


Not only is Donna doing this within C.C.G.F.., but also as a budding Gospel Recording artist, motivational speaker and the former Ms. New York Plus America 2015.


A true philanthropist at heart, Donna holds a Bachelors in Human Resource Management and is pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in not-for-profit management from Baruch College. Aside from maintaining a successful organization and pursuing personal goals, you might find Donna using her platform to speak to youth and young adults across the city as she spreads her message of overcoming life challenges by not becoming a victim but living life victoriously.


More than anything, Donna is a devoted wife to Nate and loving mother to two daughters Anaya and Ava.

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