September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

The Urban Olympics welcomes boys and girls of all ages to

participate in a day of old school fun! The goal of this event is to

introduce today’s youth to the outdoor sports, games, and activities

that were played in the 80’s and 90’s. This will send the message to our

youth that regardless of their socio-economic status they can still engage in

physical activity that is FUN & FREE within their community. Children as well

as adults gain additional exposure to FREE healthy food alternatives with our Healthy Snack Bar.



• Double Dutch

• Hop Scotch

• Red light Green Light 1-2-3

• Tag
• Handball/Paddleball
• Hoola Hoop
• Relay Race
• ALL (Jump rope)
• Basketball
• Mother May I
• Dodge ball
• Yoga

• Zuumba (Flash Mode)
• African Dance
• Whiffle Ball

• Health Screenings

• AIDS/HIV Testing
• Blood Pressure Screening
• Health Insurance Counseling/Registration
• YMCA Membership Drive



Past Partners of Urban Olympics

• Bedford Y.M.C.A.
• Brown Memorial Baptist Church Ministry In Action Program (M.I.A.)
• Voices from the Field
• New York State Department of Health


If your group/organization is interested in becoming a partner in our upcoming Urban Olympics please CONTACT US


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